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People on the Rise

Jean Desravines

Have you ever heard Confuscius’ saying “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life?” Well, Jean Emmanuel Huc Desravines has. In fact, he could have written it.  He chose a job he loves and he’s lovin’ every minute of doing it. When Jean...

Livin’ The Dream

Meet Vera Castillo Martinez. She’s the new kid on the block at Rise and she’s THRILLED to be here.  We’re talkin’ thrilled!!  When she talks about landing her new position as case manager at Rise, her eyes open wide and she grins from ear to ear.  It is her “dream...

Rise’s Jersey Girl

Many folks leave home after high school and set out for college, for their new job,  for adventure, for a change of scenery.  Leslie Koppel did just that.  She headed to NYC for her university experience, but when it was over, this Jersey Girl came right back to...

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