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Thanksgiving Holiday Registration

Register for School

Document Services

Proper document preparation is a key component to receiving social services, as well as registering children for school, applying for employment and submitting contracts for housing. At Rise, we are adept in document translation, interpretation and preparation — routinely crossing our “t”s and dotting our “i”s in multiple languages.

families received food stamp benefits with our application assistance.

families were referred or assisted with applying for medical services.

info and referral calls received.

“When they smile, I smile.”

“A long time ago, I was trying to find a job. A friend of mine told me about this place called Rise, where they could help me; advise me. So I went there and got a really warm welcome. I didn’t get the particular job at the time, but they taught me what to do, how to...

“We are all together.”

“About a year ago, we moved from a two bedroom rental apartment into a three bedroom rental house – what a blessing! I was a Day Care Assistant until my youngest was born. Now I am home with her and do in-house babysitting. “We came to the Rise Holiday Party last year...

“Rise has helped me in so many ways.”

“I can’t point to one service because Rise has helped me with so much, in so many ways.” I am retired now, and spend a lot of my time with the boys. They look forward to this party every year.”   Chester I and Chester II, sons of Chester Diaz Sr., Holiday Program...

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