a Community Service Partnership

stories_randy“Community Service is one of our core principles here at Solvay. We have 15 designated Champions to manage our charitable efforts, of which RISE is a beneficiary. Each year, we are involved with Rise’s Back Pack Dive; collecting back packs and school supplies during the months of July and August – and with the Thanksgiving Food Drive. This year, in addition to collecting food, we ran a Pizza Lunch, where people paid $5.00 each for lunch. We raised over $1,000.00 and we used that money to buy gift cards from local food stores, such as Shop Rite and Wegmans, which we then donated to the Rise Food Pantry.

“We are very happy to help people in need; to help a single-parent families get their kids to school, to feed a family on Thanksgiving. This is why we do it. Rise has made a difference in my life, it opens your eyes – I would normally be quite insulated. Through Rise, I feel a sense of connection with the local community. I am about to retire, but I can see staying involved with Rise.”

Randy MacAllister, North American IT Coordinator, Solvay

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