a Community Service Partnership

stories_nathan-juan“I know about Rise because my Mom makes donations. Volunteering at the Food Pantry makes you feel good that you’re actually doing something for your community – and the people around you.   Even when I’m older, I’ll probably try to see what’s around me, see what I can do. When we’re on the field, the fans – it may not seem like we know they’re there, but this is a way that we can recognize them for supporting us.

“My sister joined the Summer Camp. Spending time at Rise is a way that the Football Team can pay back to the community — we can show them that we recognize them for supporting us. Even if you’re not directly helping a person, you know the outcome of what you do will help someone. In the future, I’ll definitely keep helping in my community – and if it’s not Hightstown, then wherever I do wind up living, I’m sure I’ll find some way to help out. I like being part of a team – it’s like having a second family.”

Nathan Myers Hayden and Juan Suquilanda, Hightstown High School Football Players and Volunteers, Food Pantry

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