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Health and Wellness Fair

Nutritional Education

Food Pantry

Health and Wellness

At Rise, we strive to approach our clients holistically – responding equally to both external and internal needs. As well as we can provide assistance with Food and Shelter, so can we provide guidance with Health and Wellness. Nutrition, parenting, health screenings – we partner with local agencies to bring a variety of services to our clients.

Nutritional Education

Responding to local interest, Rise is able to offer bilingual nutrition classes. Classes are led by an instructor from the Rutgers Expanded Food and Nutrition Program. For information about signing up for class as an individual or starting a group class with your friends, please contact Julia at 609-443-4464.

bags of personal care items were distributed at the food pantry.

bags of food were distributed at the food pantry.

individuals completed Health and Wellness classes.

Parenting Lecture Series

The first lecture in our series of parenting skills enrichment was ‘Breast Feeding 101.’  It provided an opportunity for parents to learn the basics of breastfeeding and gave participants the opportunity to ask questions of a bilingual speaker affiliated with the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro.

Active Parenting classes are being offered to help children and parents achieve greater happiness and success. Isabel Godoy-Bousquet, M.A. will facilitate the classes for 6 weeks during each session. Some of the topics covered include: use of non-violent discipline that really works; open up lines of communication-before they get clogged; prevent problems with drugs, alcohol, and sex; stop scolding and start smiling with your kids again! Join the families who have found success through Active Parenting. Call Cris at 609-443-4464.

Annual Health and Wellness Fair

Our annual Community Health and Wellness Fair takes place each spring. This free event is designed to increase public awareness of health related issues through family friendly activities and access to health care professionals.

Domestic Violence Prevention

In collaboration with Womanspace , this service is available to all families in need. This collaboration provides access to a therapist on site at Rise in Hightstown, as well as immediate access to emergency shelter. We provide this service in both English and Spanish.

Onsite Counseling

In partnership with Womanspace,  and All Access Mental Health AAMH, we provide scheduled counseling sessions in the privacy of our on-site counseling center.

Medi Cool

With funding from the Mercer County Department of Human Services Office on Aging, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton and Rise, A Community Service Partnership, of Hightstown, have partnered to provide 5,000 BTU Air Conditioning Units to needy seniors or disabled residents of Mercer County, NJ.  Eligibility screening and documentation are required.

For more information or to schedule an eligibility screening, interested agencies or individuals may contact Karla Gonzalez by phone at (609)443-4464.

Health Screenings

Throughout the year, Rise provides access to free screenings of mammograms, colon health, dental and eye exams. Please contact Julia at 609-443-4464 to find which programs are currently available.

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