a Community Service Partnership

stories_elias“I can’t explain how much Rise has helped me and my family.  When I needed it most, Rise was there. I came to the United States from Peru with my brother and sister, when I was 17 years old.  Now, I have two sons, ages 22 and 23, who have served in the Marines and are now studying at Rutgers University.  My 16 year old daughter is at Hightstown High School and is interested in becoming a lawyer.

“Seven years ago, I started as a Volunteer at the Food Pantry.  Today, I am a full-time employee at  the Thrift Store. I sometimes see myself in people who come to the store, and I am happy that I can help them.  I look forward to growing with Rise –
I would like to be here for a long time.”

Elias Malasquez, Staff, Greater Goods Thrift Store

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